SEEING RED RECORDS are proud to annouce the signing and release of grindcore vandals, JESUSEGG and their upcoming self-titled album. This release includes recordings spanning the bands history from 2003 – 2007 (the majority previously unreleased), paving the way for the bands current resurgence. 2015 saw JESUSEGG spew back unto the scene, sharing the stage with the likes of DIE CHOKING and NOISEEAR and are currently preparing to record new material that will be released by the end of 2016 on SEEING RED RECORDS. JESUSEGG have created a truly unique offering that conjures legendary grind innovators from the sewer and comes screaming through your speakers!

Anal Cunt showed us how grind can be fun…Pig Destroyer raised the bar in ferocity…Human Remains & Nasum pushed the boundaries of the genre… JESUSEGG embodies all the things we love about grind while offering it in their own unique fashion.

JE Cover

Ryan Weseling – Vocals
Cole Martinez – Guitars
Jamie Bibbs – Guitars
Jon Vinson – Drums