Sunlight’s Bane / GEIST split 7″

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Hells – Paradise

Hells ParadiseRelentlessly negative and aggressively earsplitting, Philadelphia’s HELLS create a sound that forces you to take notice. Together for only two years, HELLS has quickly built a solid reputation as a consistently intense live band fusing different styles of modern and classic metallic hardcore while maintaining an original aesthetic often missing from their peers. Formed by members of Orchid, Transistor Transistor, Brain Dead, Wolves, Sore Saints, Psychic Teens, Heathen Reign, among others, HELLS cultivates a sound from a variety of influences and ideas to create a their own uniquely pissed off brand of hardcore.

2016 sees the release of their debut EP – PARADISE on Seeing Red Records. Recorded by guitarist Brad Wallace at the bands’ practice studio in the Port Richmond neighborhood of North Philadelphia, HELLS brought the grime and manic energy of their surroundings into the studio with them. 1-800-SHITFIT, a frantic slab of start and stop hardcore ala Cursed boasts “I want to be asphyxiated, that will make it all okay” while closer NIGHT CREEPS spends almost 4 minutes pummeling your ears with a monolithic downstroked guitar intro before crescendoing into a catchy mid-tempo verse riff that brings to mind that glory days of DRI amongst other crossover legends.

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True Cross – Pure Divorce

True Cross RGB HIGH RESMaintaining the passion and conviction of their past experiences in extreme metal and hardcore circles and converging it with the auditory wonder and translucence of shoegaze and post-rock, True Cross is not as much a band as it is a testament of naked, open, and empowered emotion. Melodies glide, soar, and welcome the crushing, forceful heaviness that compliments rather than overpowers. An experiential soulside glimpse into the mind’s eye such as this requires subtle technical precision and sharpened, well crafted songwriting. True Cross is making music meaningful again. Fans of the underground’s extreme fringes to the die-hard Sub-Pop disciples can all embrace this epitaph of the past and join together in a triumphant future. The last future we may have. True Cross will guide you.

Recorded over many months across three different states and two time zones, Pure Divorce is an album that almost never happened. At many points, it seemed as though the album would not be completed. Fortunately, mixing engineer Brad Wallace worked tirelessly and ensured that not only would the album be completed, but also accurately reflect the band’s dynamics, ranging from sparsely ethereal to oppressively heavy.

With past and current members of TRAP THEM, LAND-MINE MARATHON, TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR, and VEHEMENCE, it was almost inevitable that the music would be heavy, but True Cross’ only goal was to write songs they would want to listen to… songs they truly cared about.

Throughout the peaks and valleys of its songs it is an album obsessed with endings. The end of relationships, the end of friendships, the end of life, and the end to the meaning in anything that comes long before its actual conclusion. Each song commemorates a resignation to an inevitable end, not encouraging the listener to look forwards or backwards but to simply close their eyes and let go. This is the soundtrack to sleeping through the heat death of the universe.

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Jesusegg – Jesus Egg

JE CoverIf the spirit of grindcore is dissidence and uniqueness, Cleveland’s JESUSEGG embodies the auditory essence of the warped and troubled mind of the genre. Making a habit of discomfort and a hobby out of experimentation, what is hatched is the spawn of Human Remains, Discordance Axis, and early death grind pioneers who, like this band of lunatics, favored to stand out amongst a crowd rather than be swallowed up by mediocrity. Ensuring to not sacrifice ferocity for individuality, JESUSEGG undoubtedly appeals to grind’s purists as well as those on the fringe of its reach. This is the other side of madness.

JESUSEGG began in 2003 out of a love for all things GRIND. Taking cues from grind innovators such as Human Remains, Discordance Axis, Nasum, Rotten Sound, and Anal Cunt, JESUSEGG embody the true essence of GRIND, combining themes that range from a primary focus on social and political concerns, to gory subject matter and black humor. Their unique use of brass & horns, at times, against an aural wall of blistering noise is reminiscent of eclectic, avant-garde genius, John Zorn’s works. JESUSEGG’s self-titled album on SEEING RED RECORDS culminates 13 years of material that over time will firmly place them as underground Grind Legends!

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Punching Moses – Humanity Pandemic

Wallet 4p 1CD_right Glue EndAt its core, punk rock embodies the downtrodden, disgusting, and rotting underbelly of society. When forthright in their convictions, the practitioners of this outsider art form disrupt the conventional fabric of comfort and conformity with unadulterated rock & roll. No band delivers this quite like Cleveland, Ohio’s Punching Moses who load the rust belt gun, shove the barrel in your mouth, pull the trigger, and die laughing. With enough blood, sweat, angst, piss, vomit and vengeance to make Snake Plissken blush, this band of punk / metal veterans spare none in their path of destruction. Combining plenty of heavy riffage and metal tightness into their nasty punk cesspool, you won’t know whether to circle pit in your Discharge shirt or drive a ’78 Chevy in a Motorhead jacket through the wall of a church. Your eardrums, quite like your feelings, mean absolutely nothing!

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Mutilatred – Dissecting Your Future

mutilatred_cover_RGBMutilatred exist for one reason… to pummel your rotting corpse to a second death. No frills – no glossy image – all sickness! A bombastic combination of old school New York death metal, slam, and putrid death grind with heavy down tuned guitars, pounding shotgun blasts, and enough groove to beat someone’s face into oblivion.

Comprised of ex-members of Premonitions of War and the grindtastic Serpent Speech, Mutilatred follow the path paved by early pioneers such as Mortician, Incantation, Goreaphobia, and early Immolation. The band do not seek to reinvent the wheel but rather defile it and shove it down the throats of what experts in the “industry” consider to be “modern death metal.” With only 2 songs reaching over the 3 minute mark Muliatred waste no time with filler and are constantly pushing the limits of extremity on their debut LP. Seeing Red Records are proud to announce the addition of this destructive force and the revival of the spirit of true sickness. Catch this band on tour and keep the spirit of death metal alive.

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Gorepunch – Give ‘Em Hell

GorepunchJust when you felt safe nestled in your bed of polished, unthreatening, “modern death metal,” a new band of maniacal demons bust through the screen of mediocrity to feast on the innocent carcasses of the timid and unexpecting. Featuring ex-members of Aborted, System Divide and Mike Heller of MALIGNANCY , and taking cues from veteran sickos Exhumed and Gorerotted, Gorepunch thrash and slash their way through 8 tracks of death metal madness full of punishing riffs, wild leads, and a dynamic vocal assault. Welcome to the show. Stay for the slaughter.

…this is still brutal zombie and gore-infested death metal in the vein of bands like Exhumed and Regurgitate but they also incorporate the technical skills of Nile and Suffocation. The result is a blast, an intense slap in the face and an effective assault on your sanity….
– Merchants of Air

….a moment of rest is not to be found on this album, it preys forth on the relinquished remains of the bodies of the pop culture…the brutality never stops ! Gorerotted without the punk influence, Exhumed on 75 rpm, it is just an in the face Gorepunch!

With the horrific lyrics and the knack for telling a good horror story as well as the pin point accuracy of the musicianship makes for one fuck of a deadly combination! You become immersed in the story surrounded by ravenous creatures out for blood and sweet flesh, and at the same time you cannot help but to go crazy and head bang until your neck snaps!

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Axe Ripper – Hell Is Real

Axe Ripper“Hell is Real” is Axe Ripper’s sophomore release on Hell City Records (08/23/2014). The physical copy of this album comes shrink wrapped and is a digipak format with a 3 page booklet.

Spewed out of the wastelands of America’s rust belt, Axe Ripper unleash a ferocious barrage of hardcore / metal combining crust, grind, and the rock n’ roll stylings that made their hometown of Detroit the first real capital of music in the United States. Zero filler, all fury, Axe Ripper spares absolutely none on their path to oblivion! Maniacal yet proficient in their onslaught, this quintet first destroyed unsuspecting eardrums on the “Welcome to Detroit Destruction” comp on Pirated Records and with the help of relentless touring and a split with Lockgnar in 2013 have cemented their reputation in various scenes for bringing a sonic attack that genuinely rips. Their newest offering, Hell is Real, only upped the ante of chaos that Axe Ripper breed. Although some of their peers are content singing about the occult, goblins, and fairytales, Axe Ripper opts for the bleak reality of life in another kind of hell where tales of suicide, murder, drug abuse, and the death of the American dream are at one’s doorstep every day and haunt the very unstable psyche. If reality is your game and you prefer passion over gloss, step up to the axe.

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