Punching Moses


 At its core, punk rock embodies the downtrodden, disgusting, and rotting underbelly of society. When forthright in their convictions, the practitioners of this outsider art form disrupt the conventional fabric of comfort and conformity with unadulterated rock & roll. No band delivers this quite like Cleveland, Ohio’s PUNCHING MOSES who load the rust belt gun, shove the barrel in your mouth, pull the trigger, and die laughing. With enough blood, sweat, angst, piss, vomit and vengeance to make Snake Plissken blush, this band of punk / metal veterans spare none in their path of destruction. Combining plenty of heavy riffage and metal tightness into their nasty punk cesspool, you won’t know whether to circle pit in your Discharge shirt or drive a ’78 Chevy in a Motorhead jacket through the wall of a church. Your eardrums, quite like your feelings, mean absolutely nothing!

Following in the footsteps of metallic hardcore legends, Integrity & RingwormPUNCHING MOSES do well paving their own path with their brand of “gutter thrash.” Invoking the attitude of Motorhead and MC5 in thier prime, mixed with the venom of bands such as The Accused and D.R.I.,  PUNCHING MOSES smartly combine these influences into a solitary clenched fist.

Wallet 4p 1CD_right Glue End

James “Human Furnace” Bulloch’s (RINGWORM) signature artwork once again adorns the cover representing the downfall of society on a global scale. Prepare yourself for a black eye, a bloody nose, and kick to the bollocks!


Rob Needham, Jesse Ramsey, Shack Erman, Ben Ihde, Jimmy Gasho