Just when you felt safe nestled in your bed of polished, unthreatening, “modern death metal,” a new band of maniacal demons bust through the screen of mediocrity to feast on the innocent carcasses of the timid and unexpecting. Featuring ex-members of Aborted, System Divide and Mike Heller of MALIGNANCY , and taking cues from veteran sickos Exhumed and Gorerotted, Gorepunch thrash and slash their way through 8 tracks of death metal madness full of punishing riffs, wild leads, and a dynamic vocal assault. Welcome to the show. Stay for the slaughter.

Gorepunch – Give ‘Em Hell Trailermusic taken from Gorepunch’s debut release “Give ‘Em Hell” out this August on Seeing Red Records. (featuring members of Aborted , System Divide, and Mike Heller of MALIGNANCY & Fear Factory )**video courtesy of Noah Buchanan @ Brainchild Recording Studio

Posted by Seeing Red Records on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gorepunch are:

Matt Phillps | Vocals
Cole Martinez | Guitars
Michael Wilson | Guitars
Andrew Lenthe | Bass
Mike Heller | Drums


Release date August 18th, 2015