Axe Ripper


Spewed out of the wastelands of America’s rust belt, Axe Ripper unleash a ferocious barrage of hardcore / metal combining crust, grind, and the rock n’ roll stylings that made their hometown of Detroit the first real capital of music in the United States. Zero filler, all fury, Axe Ripper spares absolutely none on their path to oblivion! Maniacal yet proficient in their onslaught, this quintet first destroyed unsuspecting eardrums on the “Welcome to Detroit Destruction” comp on Pirated Records and with the help of relentless touring and a split with Lockgnar in 2013 have cemented their reputation in various scenes for bringing a sonic attack that genuinely rips. Their newest offering, Hell is Real, only upped the ante of chaos that Axe Ripper breed. Although some of their peers are content singing about the occult, goblins, and fairytales, Axe Ripper opts for the bleak reality of life in another kind of hell where tales of suicide, murder, drug abuse, and the death of the American dream are at one’s doorstep every day and haunt the very unstable psyche. If reality is your game and you prefer passion over gloss, step up to the axe.

Axe Ripper are:

Kenny – Vocals
Kyle – Guitar / Vocals
George – Guitar/ Vocals
Rob – Bass/ Vocals
Louie – Drums / Vocals