Extreme music is about creating a world beyond limitations, restrictions, and conventions. Our mission at Seeing Red Records is to both bring you an eclectic array of artists from various genres and styles and to celebrate the perpetual survival of underground music in the face of trends, business hawks, and naysayers whom have all made a conscious effort to distort and destroy what we hold dear.

They have done this by creating divisions among us.
They have done this by exploiting you, the consumer.
They have done this by simply declaring metal, punk, hardcore, and virtually every subgenre therein “dead” at one point or another while simultaneously offering a new, neatly packaged trend down our collective throats.

Seeing Red Records wants you to join us in celebrating and defending underground music. We ask that you never stop fighting to keep this alive and work with us to ensure the highest quality musical experience for us all. If you live and die by the extreme, if you yearn for new and exciting musical thrills, if you’re seeing red, join us in this hostile takeover the ears of the masses!