SEEING RED RECORDS are proud to announce the release of the “HUMANITY PANDEMIC” EP, the latest offering from Cleveland’s Punk Thrasher’s PUNCHING MOSES! With their own unique brand of Crossover, PUNCHING MOSES bring the grime with the addition of new guitarist, JESSE RAMSEY, and a reinvigorated fervor that could incite a riot! This follow-up to the band’s debut full-length, “IMPENDING DOOM”, expands and refines the racous punk/metal marriage that PUNCHING MOSES have become known for.
Following in the footsteps of metallic hardcore legends, Integrity & Ringworm, PUNCHING MOSES do well paving their own path with their brand of “gutter thrash.” Invoking the attitude of Motorhead and MC5 in thier prime, mixed with the venom of bands such as The Accused and D.R.I., PUNCHING MOSES smartly combine these influences into a solitary clenched fist.
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James “Human Furnace” Bulloch’s (RINGWORM) signature artwork once again adorns the cover representing the downfall of society on a global scale. Prepare yourself for a black eye, a bloody nose, and kick to the bollocks!